Life Groups

Doing Life Together in Community

Why It Matters

As we continue to journey in our faith and become more like Jesus in the way that we live, God has always intended for this to happen within community.  In fact, we believe that God has created us FOR community!  Together, we are able to learn together, share responsibility for each other, pray for one another, and encourage each person no matter who they are or where they came from.  It’s not always easy, but it’s absolutely important as we demonstrate what it’s like to live out our faith with other people.

What to Expect

Our Life Groups consist of 8-15(ish) people who meet during the week in someone’s home.  Each Life Group has their own “personality”, but don’t be surprised to share some meals together, read the Scriptures together, discuss some deep topics about Jesus, and pray for each other.  You’ll get to know the person next to you–warts and all–and as you share your life with those around you, you’ll draw close together like a family with God at the center.

Find A Group

There are SEVERAL options available for you to find and connect with a Life Group, depending on your location, time of week, demographic, etc.  Download the Faith Covenant mobile app to find a group.  Once you find one (or more) that you’d like more info about, just send a message to that group leader and they’ll contact you shortly!



Calendar of Events

Download Our Mobile App

Download our exclusive mobile app so that you can stay connected with what is happening within Faith Covenant Church.  You'll be able to listen/watch sermons, download resources, find a Life Group, and receive notifications when important announcements take place.  This is a wonderful tool for us to use together as we find our purpose, connect together as family, and discover what God has in store for us.